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Aline. Chilena. 16 años. Forever Alone no tengo hilito rojo :c. I'm just a Dreamer. No tengo memoria, literalmente. Me cuesta mucho tener amigos reales. Quisiera confiar..
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She will be loved...
Are you lonesome tonight?


When you remember something embarrassing/painful from the past and you’re just like


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my heart says yes but my mom says no

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  • Friend : I broke up with him
  • Me : You did the right thing . he was an asshole
  • Friend : We are back together
  • Me : Well done,i am so happy for you , he is such a nice guy.

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don’t you just hate it when you want to get to know someone but you have no idea what to talk about

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when ur freezing to death and ur being forced to film a music video


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sometimes niall is special  (◡‿◡✿)

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istg liam is saying ‘baby fuck me’


look at niall’s reaction


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i like staying up at unhumanly hours but i also like getting 12 hours of sleep do u see my problem

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I embarrass myself infront of myself

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  • a group of guys going out: hell yeah man i'm gonna get fucked up and if i find a hot girl i wanna take home i might need a wingman just fyi
  • a group of girls going out: okay ladies remember we're going in in formation B so we don't lose sight of one another, but if there's any trouble we decided on secret hand gesture alpha-6. don't accept drinks from anybody, we just can't risk it tonight. stacey, did you print out the blueprints of the frat house? oh i see you color coded it so we know which areas have the highest population density and which rooms are well lit, excellent. marie i need that report on incidents of date rape from the last five years. thanks. alright, i think we're all set then. remember the buddy system. let's have a wild night ladies, but stay safe.

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